Thursday, May 24, 2012

podcasts: worst tips for servers, and more

A little catch-up on the show! These are from Monday, but I've been swamped this week.

It was National Wait Staff Day, so I asked servers to tell me the worst tips they've ever gotten. Since I was one for about a year, I know there are a LOT of awful kinds. It's not just a small amount of money, but guests do and leave some lousy ish for you.


Seriously those religious things are THE WORST. And they really make no sense to me. I'm not your slave and I don't think sweet baby Jesus would appreciate you treating me like one.

We also talked about songs you'd never wanna find on your parents' iPods. TONS of calls on this one, and the list can definitely go on.


"My neck, my back, my.." AHH! If I EVER saw that anywhere near my parents' belongings, I'd freak out.

FYI, my iPhone/iPad app now has a streaming option! You can listen live directly from there, for free, so holla at it, kthanks.



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