Tuesday, June 28, 2011

meet the boys of real world san diego: nate, zach and frank

YAY! Molds13 over at Vevmo has used her super powers to find us the first roommates living and filming in San Diego!

Allow me to introduce you to the fellas of the house:

Frank Sweeney, 22
Attended Christian Brothers Academy in New York, then Middlebury College in Vermont.
Molecular Biology and Spanish major
Has a Flickr account that's fun

Nate Stodghill
, 22
From: Grain Valley, MO
6'0'', 220 lb football player
Graduate from Missouri University of Science and Technology
Major: Nuclear Engineering
Sigma Phi Epsilon frat boy
Self proclaimed mama's boy, and she confirms with Facebook statuses like this:

Zach Nichols, 23 [til August]
From Brighton, MI
Northern Michigan University football player
Dreams of playing in the NFL, like his dad did

Someone who apparently partied with them said that Frank is going to be the biggest party animal. There are rumors that Nate could be gay and his mom doesn't know, and Zach could be the typical nothing-but-NFL-on-the-brain guy.

I was pretty off with ALL of my first impressions last season, so I'm not going to go in depth, but I'd say I'm going to like Frank a lot, he's totally cute and fun-seeming, Nate is iffy to me, and if Zach can act/look more like his bald picture [with added hair], I could be down with him, too.

What do you think? Boys you wanna look at or not for this season?



Anonymous said...

Nate is a close friend of mine and he is opposite of gay. FYI.

Anonymous said...

So what you mean to say is that he's straight...that's the opposite, right?

LoLo said...

Nate is very straight. Zach is actually the calmest so far & not bad looking. Frank is a hot head & you never know when he will erupt. I wouldn't be able to deal with him at all, he is too emotional & needy.