Tuesday, May 24, 2011

watch: the reason i want scotty to win american idol

Tonight's American Idol finale performance show was two things: rather boring, and terribly unfair.

I get that it sucks that Lauren had the whole voice loss thing, and I feel for her big time, and I totally gave her the excuse of "if she was well, she'd be a lot better tonight."

But when they gave her that super emotional and decent song, and gave Scotty one that will work in Country, but is not relate-able to anyone else, that was just unfair. They gave her every benefit they could have given her tonight.

And as if the producers didn't give her the benefits, Scotty deferred his coin toss win to let her go second.

Anyway, that's why I want Scotty to win. They're both incredible singers. They're both going to be successful. [Is that the first time we've ever been able to say that?] I picked Lauren to win during her audition, but Scotty is more ready out of the two, and he's the better person.

Proof? This video that Tim Halperin took of him before they found out their fate in the Top 40.

He's so freakin' down to Earth, and I don't think he'll ever let it get to his head. He has the confidence, the swagger, the talent, and the personality to really make it big, and on top of that- He's a pure gentleman.

I don't think I'll be mad either way tomorrow night, unless it's anger towards the producers... But let's be honest, we've always known they pick favorites.


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