Monday, October 11, 2010

watch: lauren conrad speaks out against fashion eff ups

Fashion F#@k-Ups: The people who think they know it all, but really know nothing about fashion... and who have friends that won't tell them they look ridiculous.

Lauren Conrad speaks out about these terrible crimes [thanks to Ryan Seacrest's show... interesting] in this PSA that seems like it's almost made for my I Spy:

Seeing her in this video is completely different than how we normally see her, I feel. She's having to bring a little acting to the table!

Also- it's seriously more evidence on why we're practically made to be BFFs. Not only is she talking to all of my I Spy victims, but the video uses my favorite new font that I've been using lately! [It's called Pussycat, FTW.]

LC- you're my hero and this is fantastic. You know that, right?

Eh, of course you do.


PS: She's also dished out even MORE deets about her upcoming show! Read on here.

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