Monday, September 13, 2010

best of the week 091310

So you were gone from the planet and want to know- What'd you miss last week?! Well, these top stories for one-

5. (tie) Let's get ready for Cut Throat!
5. I Spy: A lot of interesting people at Ziegfest
4. Live chatting Real World New Orleans episode 11
3. Teen Mom is now on People
2. On the racks: Teen Mom takes over
1. Watch: Ke$ha before she was Ke$ha

I'll be honest... I was just as shocked as you when I saw the Ke$ha video! Crazy!

Also: I've begun my "90s Madness" on my radio show. We're finding the best thing to ever come from the 90s via text voting and a bracket! I'll update you once a week here, but pay attention to Twitter so you can participate in the vote too!

Here's the results from last week: [Click to enlarge, silly!]

I'm excited to see who will win! I've been surprised with a few thus far, so it should be an interesting ride!

Thanks for participating in chatter as always!


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