Wednesday, January 27, 2010

why bill gates is my best friend

Everyone always tells me I'm an idiot for sticking with PCs, even after all the trouble they give me time and time again. I never really had any reason for not switching to a Mac other than the fact I'm broke... That is until now.

While Steve Jobs is busy coming up with some new product that apparently does everything and has the entire world laughing about its name, Bill Gates is doing one of my favorite past times at Sundance: Dancing on a table.

Is that a fist pump in the last one?! Oh man. It really IS taking over the dancing world! I need to perfect mine!

Anyway, now that I've realized why I'm okay with the fact that Windows Vista has crashed on me 6 times since starting to write this post, I can only imagine the magic that would happen if I attended the same party as my rich BFF.

He likes me! He really, really likes me!

Take THAT, Steve Jobs! Let's see YOU dance on a table!



Anonymous said...

Is that you dancing with Bill? because they all look appalled at what you're doing

Unknown said...

Bill Gates with the fist pump. Awesome!

Charles Moss said...

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Alice Jackson said...

Deal) Dance isn't about thinking anyway. Yet it does not mean you don to face need to think ahead of time! You need to look great around the party area which can stick out in the crowed Now, switch on the background music!