Monday, April 27, 2009

free stuff!: KFC

Have you seen the commercials for the GRILLED KFC chicken?! Honestly.. When I saw it, I thought it was fake. I really thought someone was playing a joke because of how it looked and really.. the whole idea of it.

Apparently they're not joking... And they're giving it away for free all day! All you have to do is go in to KFC today and you'll get to try some! They're promotional website is pretty interesting for it...

Yeah... People are dancing around on the homepage looking ridiculous... But it's funny, and it does make me want to go try out these awkward looking chicken legs with an old school lookin' bucket. Too bad the closest KFC is like.. Nowhere.

And call me crazy... But is it weird that they only have black people dancing around on the home page!? [Before you huff and puff, calm down... I'm the furthest from racist.. But this is clearly not a coincidence.] Maybe I just got lucky, but there were no white people dancing. [Or maybe because they couldn't find any with "rhythm"....]

Anyways, go get yo' chicken! Let me know how it is!


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Anonymous said...

girrrl, there's a KFC in sabraton!