Thursday, March 12, 2009

well hello top 11

Just like that, America cut 2 people, and we have a top 11.

I couldn't have been more wrong with my predictions. Not only did they not have a bottom 3, but none of the people I picked were even in the "uh oh" zone, as I like to call it. And, my vote didn't even matter.

First of all, the "surprise" of eliminations is that the judges can save someone who America voted out. Basically, they're trying to keep people like Tamyra Gray, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, and a lot more, from getting eliminated. So, a judge can "save" someone that week, but then two are eliminated the final week.

It has to be a unanimous decision, and if they save them once, they can't save them again. So, needless to say, they didn't save either of the two who were voted out.

Who was it? Jasmine Murray [one of my faves since auditions] and Jorge Nunez [whose twin I met this weekend... James Rollins from ESPN. (Not really twins, but they look IDENTICAL!)]

I always thought Jasmine was an American fave, kinda like Anoop, but apparently not. As my best friend pointed out, if America didn't vote her in during her week, and now she's gone, obviously she wasn't. Dang. She's so good! And only 16!!!

Jorge has an AMAZING voice, but as I said before, he's rather forgettable. He's so cute and was SO excited to be there, but people didn't realize it. So now they're headin' back to Home Sweet Home.

They're going to have former Idols come back each week to perform, and Kelly Clarkson started it off last night. [As she should of, being the real, first, and OFFICIAL American Idol.] She did GREAT! She definitely lost the wholesome voice she had before, and is more raspy, but she's still got some pipes on her.

Kanye also performed. Let me just let it out now-- UGGHHHH!!! He "sang" "Heartless," and it sounded just as stupid as it does every time he performs with that microphone. To make it worse- He pre-recorded the performance so that he didn't have to go live.

REALLY KANYE?! I thought you were "the best thing out there?!?" Shouldn't you be able to perform live on AI?! I'm annoyed.

As for the group's performance that they do at the beginning of every elimination show... Can we say AWKARD?!?

I need to re-evaluate America before next week, so I don't get so blindsided. I don't think we'll be seeing another double elimination, though, so that's good. I still need to pick a favorite.


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