Monday, March 2, 2009

it's time to make a decision

Alright... I haven't talked about this at all before, but I'm actually a huge fan of The Bachelor this season. Tonight, is the season finale.

Who will it be? Molly or Melissa?!

My pick: Melissa. Since day 1.
Ellen's pick: Molly. Since day 1.

I'm normally wrong, Ellen's normally right. Dag nabbit.

But when Jason, the bachelor, talks about Melissa, he talks about her personality and how he loves everything about her and she's going to be a good mom and blah blah blah.

When he talks about Molly, he just says he gets lost in her eyes, and can't get enough of her. That doesn't seem like enough, does it?!

Also, Melissa was a Cowboys cheerleader [Now a sales rep]. Molly is a Department Store Buyer from Wisconsin.

AND! Seriously.. If Melissa's personality wasn't cute and awesome enough [I think I have a girl crush on her..], look at these pictures!

The only thing working against her right now is the fact he didn't get to meet her parents. It better not make up his decision, but I know it will. I know he'll pick Molly because he couldn't ask Melissa's dad for his blessing. That sucks! I hope her family feels really bad about it. [If, of course, she doesn't win.]

That's all I'll say for now. But if you watch tonight, ROOT FOR MELISSA! If you don't watch, and you do tonight, you'll see why.



It's official. Guys are scumbags.

I LOVED Jason the bachelor... And he broke Melissa's heart, and America's.

He picked Melissa. Proposed to her. Took her on vacations and spent 6 weeks with her.. Including the holidays.

Then broke up with her, live on national television, and asked Molly for a second chance saying he was still in love with her. She, of course, accepted.

UGH! Poor Melissa!!! The girl said she had always gotten her heart broken in every relationship, and now it's only getting worse. I hope she pulls through. Life gets better after breakups when EVERYONE sees how amazing you are!

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