Friday, February 20, 2009

this is not okay

So you have a 2 year old boy. What do you teach him?
A) How to talk
B) How to write his name
C) How to dance
D) How to smoke
E) How to cuss

E is the answer, yes. But so is D. Because, of course, if you want your 2 year old to stand out, he's gotta be able to do the unimaginable.

I'm pissed. This is in China, so you probably can't tell what he's saying. But you can see him pull out a cigarette, LIGHT IT, and SMOKE IT. WHAT!!!!!

1- How does he know how to do this? 2- How is he able to light the lighter?! I know people my age who can't even do that easily!!!

They're saying it's not the parents who taught him this, but the "bad people" around in his neighborhood.

Hey.. Parents... Your kid is 2 years old. You should probably be with him at all times. And probably know what he's doing, and the fact that it's NOT OKAY!


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