Monday, February 2, 2009

lucky kids

What the h?!

The city of Pittsburgh is out of control when it comes to their football team. Yes, I think it's awesome they're all so involved [Unless, of course, they're fakely involved..], and maybe my anger is a tad bit of jealousy [don't tell anyone, though], but part of their "celebration" was crazy-talk.

They had a 2 hour delay for all schools in the city this morning!!! And they admit it's because they know everyone was out partying really late last night afterwards.

I'm pissed. DC would never do this. And not just Pittsburgh is up watching the Super Bowl. Everyone in America is, dangit! We ALL need a 2 hour delay!

And, if not just for the Super Bowl reason, it's Groundhog Day! Everyone should be at home "watching Punxatawney Phil NOT see his shadow"....................

Ugh. Steelers fans/Steelers country aggrevates me. And I know I'm not the only one, which is why I find it OK to post this. :)

As for how I feel about the Super Bowl as a whole, I'll get to that later. I hope you Pittsburghians had a nice morning....................



Milfypoo said...

Your boy John told me last night that for the first time ever, he hates the Steelers more than the Cowboys, and, as of right now...I actually hate the Steelers more than your Skins. I don't even hate the coach or anyone on the team (even the pothead Super Bowl MVP). The fans ruin it for me. So does the media, slobbing their knob. Until T.O. does something stupid over the summer, I think they're the most hated team in America.

Anonymous said...

The most hated team in America? haha. Try the most loved team in America and even the world. Our fans are everywhere. The Steelers have the truest fans who live and breath it bc they represent our city... it's all because we love our hometown. We are a class-act organization with real people and real fans. Hatred stems from jealousy. Maybe if you are lucky your team will be there next year... we probably will be too going for number 7!

Milfypoo said...

I am jealous...of the Packers, because they have more titles than your team. Same with the Bears and Giants. And yes, the team has class, but the fans don't...that's where the hatred comes in. In addition, you guys have the biggest bandwagon in the country right now, so I wouldn't be talkinmg about "real" fans.