Monday, January 19, 2009

watch it on the big screen

Soo, if you're not living in DC, or you're not ready to brave the crowd on Inauguration Day, MSNBC is hooking you up.. Kinda.

If you can't be right there during all of the action, you can at least pretend to be.. Inside of a movie theater.

27 theaters across the country will be airing the Inauguration thanks to MSNBC! For free! [With a ticket from] The ONLY downside is that there is only 27 theaters participating.

For you NoVAnators, Fairfax is your best bet, at Fairfax Corner 14. There are 3 theaters in New York, 2 in Dallas, 2 in Boston, 2 in Detroit, and a bunch more.. Which you can check out right here.

It's a pretty sweet idea, I think. I just wish there was something here in little old Morgantown. Or just more in general! I'm sure people would even pay to watch!

Way to use the ol' noggin, MSNBC!


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