Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the new power couple

Who's over the "power couple" of Jay-Z and Beyonce?


Yeah, they're a great couple and all, but I'm SO ready for Rihanna and Chris Brown to take over that role.

They've been performing together quite a bit in the past couple weeks, and this is just one of them at the Jingle Ball.

Aside from those stupid glasses that Rihanna is wearing [yeah, I understand everyone is wearing them these days, but I don't like them.. Most especially on girls. What is cute about them?! Or even.. What is fly about them?! NOTHING!... sorry about the tangent] everything about this is cute. They seem to have a really cool, playful relationship!

The only thing I wonder is, didn't Rihanna kiss Kanye?! I mean, Chrianna still won't admit they're really a couple.. But c'mon. You are.

Ahh, make it work, guys! This is bangin', you're bangin [no pun intended], and you need to be the IT couple.. If not already.


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