Thursday, December 18, 2008

full house, or lonely house

Looks like Ms. Stephanie Tanner is going to keep the Full House tradition in her own home...

Oh wait.. I mean, Jodie Sweetin.

If you didn't know, after Full House, she had a decent amount of "child star" issues.. The occasional alcohol addiction.. And maybe a meth problem problem here and there.. No big deal, right?!

Well, she "got over it" and found herself a husband, and had a baby girl.

But, apparently, she lost control over her life again. And her husband. And now, custody over her 8 month old daughter.

After an "emergency custody hearing" yesterday, the judge ruled that she can no longer spend time with her daughter alone.. Her parents must be with her, as well. She also must have regular drug tests.

...All of this because she was caught driving drunk with her child in the car. No good, Stephanie. I don't think Danny Tanner taught you to do such things.

But honestly.. This is very terrible. HOWEVER.. the thing that bothers me the most is that this is WORSE than driving with your kid in your lap at 5 mph.. Yet, Britney dealt with WAY more ish from everyone around the world! I don't care if she's not as much in the public eye.. People still know who she is!!

Nonetheless, you're a moron. Don't drive drunk. ESPECIALLY with your baby in the car. Idiot.


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