Monday, December 29, 2008

do you want these jobs?

Some women love a man in uniform. Some guys love a woman who will stay home with the kids to cook and clean and do whatever they need to do. But which "profession" is actually the most attractive to others?

As in, which job should you seek to get if you're on the market and looking for a relationship? Well, research has found the 5 most desired and the 5 least desired professions that people look for their spouse to have.

The MOST desired jobs are:

5. Homemaker
4. Technology Specialist
3. Scientist
2. Teacher
1. Doctor

Before I say anything, I'll show you the LEAST desired jobs:

5. Lawyer
4. Advertising Specialist
3. Musician
2. Journalist
1. Actor

Yikes. I think 98% of my friends are doomed then. But I still don't know how much I believe this. Yes, a doctor makes good money, so that makes sense.. But a teacher doesn't. At all. Sooo.. why? And a scientist?! Weird. Clearly those are based on money quite a bit.

But take a look at least-desired. I think it's missing "athlete" based on everything else. It's like saying that all these people who make a lot of money [minus journalists] AREN'T appealing! No one wants an actor? Really? I think they're lying. They totally drool over actors and fantasize about them. And not a lawyer?! WHY?! Cuz they're bound to be a good liar?

I just don't think I agree. With any of it, actually. If someone can convince me otherwise, go ahead and try. But right now I'm mad that this is "real." Ugh.



Milfypoo said...

For musician and actor, I think they meant the 99% of those that don't make it, not the ones we know about. Like, all the people who flock to L.A. to "act," and will never sniff the industry, or anyone that drops a few songs they put together on Fruity Loops on their myspace.

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