Tuesday, October 14, 2008

thinking of LA

I just want everyone to know about something going on, if you haven't been watching the news or surfing the internet today.

There are CRAZY wildfires going on in Cali right now, specifically LA. There are two of them that have burned over 10,000 acres of land.

Schwartzenegger declared State of Emergency, and officials are calling on President Bush to declare it a federal disaster. (Who thinks he'll rush out there to fix it??) People are being evacuated.

As of now, they only have two people who have deaths linked to the fires, but they ARE spreading quickly, even with over 1400 firefighters on the scene.

I just can't help thinking that so many people are losing their homes, and everything really, and that it's such a terrible time for the economy anyways. Yikes. This is just not good at all.

Keep everyone over there in your prayers! I'll update as much as possible.


PS: Thanks to CNN for the picture/information. You can check them out for more.

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