Friday, February 8, 2013

diy: how to make a sexy jenga game

I was reading some article the other day talking about different games to play to "spice up your sex life," and "Sex Stack" was one of them. Basically, you paid a ridiculous amount of money for a Jenga sex game.

Spending a lot of money is really stupid when you could spend $5 and get the same result. An average Jenga set is $5 and has 54 pieces, so I came up with 54 foreplay actions to write on your tiles! [You may want to have liquor, ice, whipped cream, and some kind of "tie" handy!]

It's simple. Set it up like a normal Jenga game, pull a block, and do whatever it says. If you knock it over, you're gettin it on!

  1. Just a peck!
  2. Makeout!
  3. Underwear- off!
  4. Kiss anywhere of their choice
  5. Kiss anywhere of your choice
  6. Give a hickey
  7. Take a shot
  8. Take a body shot
  9. Lick whipped cream off body part of their choice
  10. Lick whipped cream off your choice
  11. Go again!
  12. Give special kisses- 30 seconds
  13. Receive special kisses- 30 seconds
  14. Give a lapdance
  15. Get a lapdance
  16. Motorboat, you SOB
  17. Mouth to the ear
  18. Get "handy" on them, 30 secs
  19. Do what they want, to them.
  20. Do what you want, to them. 
  21. They do what you want, to you.
  22. They do what they want, to you.
  23. Blindfold them, draw again!
  24. You get blindfolded, then they pick!
  25. Ice play with their nipples!
  26. Nothing. Their turn again!
  27. Kiss on their stomach
  28. Kiss the inner legs
  29. 69- 30 seconds
  30. Get in the shower for 5 mins
  31. Kiss down their spine
  32. Please yourself- 30 seconds
  33. Tie them to the bed, pick again. 
  34. Get tied to the bed, they pick.
  35. Break out a toy! Their choice
  36. Kiss on their neck for 30 secs
  37. Give a mouth and ice massage until it's melted
  38. Give a massage for 1 minute anywhere on the top half of their body
  39. Give a massage for 1 minute anywhere below the belt
  40. Remove article of clothing of their choice
  41. Move your tongue along their "happy trail."
  42. Get your lips super close without touching for 60 seconds. No cheating!
  43. Take off an article of their clothing with your mouth
  44. Whisper something hott in their ear
  45. Dry hump, you on top. 2 minutes
  46. Dry hump, them on top. 2 minutes
  47. Dry hump without kissing on the face. 2 mins
  48. Reveal your current biggest fantasy/wish
  49. Gently run your fingertips up and down their back
  50. Lightly run your lips over their chest
  51. Lightly run your lips over their neck/face
  52. Act out a scene from their favorite movie
  53. Take one naughty photo of each person
  54. Knock it over, get busy!
Umm, sounds fantastic, right?! Unless, of course, you get the "knock it over" on the first pull. That'd be stupid.

All you have to do is grab a [thin] Sharpie and write each of these on a block! Super easy!

Now get to it! Valentine's Day is coming up and let's be real: This is a fantastic gift and/or activity that will last forever! [Or 5 minutes, depending on your ability to last...]

And feel free to comment below any other tile ideas you have! The more the merrier!


PS: If you wanna make Drunk Jenga [one of my absolute faves], this website and this one have fantastic tile ideas.

PPS: If you run your mouse over the pictures, you can easily Pin them! Click the P!

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  1. Your 54 sexy Jenga block instructions and the ide iself are good. I can/could think of a lot more ideas to write in except for a couple of minor itty-bitty drawbacks: I don't have a partner so I'm not sure whether the hypothetical person I was playing it with would like them - maybe if I had a partner we could divide the blocks between us to write the actions on. I'll spare you all my fantasies for now (sorry?) :)