Friday, July 6, 2012

real world st thomas beyond the cameras: trey introduces the island

As promised, I'm back with some more Beyond the Real World Cameras podcasts! First up, the ladies wanted a piece of Trey.

He tweeted me after reading my first impressions of him/his tweets, so I figured I'd give him a chance to clear all of those racist comments up. Apparently he was a little nervous about me attacking him [me? rude? making others uncomfortable? pfffttt.. neverrr....], but after the first couple of episodes, he seems like a swell man to me.

After we cleared the air, I got him to open up about who he was the most attracted to at first [it wasn't an immediate attraction to Laura, that's for sure!], how fast their relationship really progressed, and how he straight up told her "We will not be like Zach and Ashley." He won some points with that one.

Also, I asked him if he any plans for "what's next" yet... He plans on becoming a motivational speaker for kids who have parents struggling with addiction. Pretty awesome, and he needs help getting it started, so help a brother out if you can!

In case you missed it, here are the "first impressions" we voted on in the first chat of the season. Time will tell if we were right about them all!

Tweet, comment, whatever and lemme know your thoughts, wants, desires, and what makes you hot. Err... Woops. Got too much Trey in me right now I guess.



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