Monday, October 31, 2011

watch etv: learning how to play quarterback

Last month, I did my best to try and become a pro football kicker. This week/month, I moved on to bigger and better things: the quarterback.

I've thrown a football plenty of times, obviously, but we had some fun with it on Mount Trashmore.

These videos are for my vlogs for the station, and also the awesome organization that is WOW Redskins. If you watch, I could win some money, and I could buy you drinks... or something.

So, holler. And thanks.


halloween hangover 103111

Good morning and Happy Halloween! Hope yours was as fantastic as mine! Can't wait to round up my Halloween post! If you wanna be included, holla at me!

For the anti-holiday'ers
That's all for now!


Friday, October 28, 2011

now and then: stars in the 90s and now

Time passes so fast, you forget what people looked like way back when!

Stars that have been around since the 90s, and whether or not they've changed for the better or worse:

Lookin gooodddd:

Yikes. Go back to the 90s. Pronto:

I'll take either:

[Please note Pauly Shore....]

I contemplated putting JT in the "go back to the 90s" category simply because he was just better then. With B Spears, making music, THOSE SWEET, FROSTED TIP JHERI CURLS... But I'll forgive him.. for now.

Check out more Now and Thens here!


new day26 song: "made love lately"

Um, HELL YES I'm still a Day26 fan! I've been keeping a close eye on their Twitter waiting for the day they put out a new song, and now they have!

For those of you who loved them as much as me, or still do, here's "Made Love Lately."

I just love their voices. I immediately get happy hearing them again. It doesn't hit as hard as some of their first songs, but each time I listen to it, I love it more.

New album coming soon they say, called "A New Day," without Que.

Here's a great article all about where they've been, where they're going, etc.


morning hangover 102811

Happy Halloween weekend! If you love your costume and want me to post it next week, don't forget to email, tweet, or Facebook me a picture!

Hollaaaa, Internet!
That's all for now! Enjoy your day and weekend! And pray that my costume comes out the way I want it... even though I have NO idea what I'm going to do at this point.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

watch: get closer, i dare you

This video is so simple, yet incredible heartwarming. And at the same time, it makes you feel like sh!t. But yet you're happy on the inside. Even though you hate yourself for ever walking away from someone like this on the streets. Or you're glad you didn't.... [Woah, ADD.. chill out.]

Just watch it.

Really, I don't think he looks that handicapped like they said, but that's beside the point.

What a video for a morning.


morning hangover 102711

Oh HAI, Halloween weekend! Woah. Is it really starting already?! This is a problem. Still no costume in my closet. Uhhh.


Okay, that's a lot. And I have a lot to do. I thought this job would give me more time for blogging.. apparently that's not until I somehow get my real life back on track.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

nifty website: kanye'd by the bell

There have been a bunch of memes that feature Kanye West's lyrics, but I think I've [obviously] found my favorite. The "Kanye'd By the Bell" Tumblr takes bits of his songs and puts them on scenes from "Saved by the Bell" for moments of pure awesome.

I had no idea Saved By the Bell could be so... inappropriate!:

[This one is actually from Jay Z.. but they're practically the same, right?]

I want more... but with someone else's lyrics. Jay's seem to work just fine, but I bet Weezy would be hella easy. [Hey look, I'm a rapper!]


exclusive [video and podcast] interview: sam mcginn- real world san diego

It's about that time again! Okay, so it's BEEN about that time, but there are some people I have to deal with in order to make these things happen every time, and they don't always work with me in the beginning.

ANYWAY, Sam is LOCAL here in Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads, and called into my show on my first day, so I HAD to bring her into the studio for not just a podcast, but some video interview action, too.

She's just like you see her on the show- Real, genuine, hilarious, and comfortable being her and no one else. I loved her!

In the video, we talked about all the roommates- who she'd bang, kill, and marry; what they did around the house [hints: secret drinking games and "gay monkey"....], and of course: Do her and Priscilla hook up?!
[As for the extreme green-screen, it was the best room for the job, but I didn't wanna take away from the interview by adding something to the back! So, it's there, and you won't care.]

She told me before about how some people have gone to the extreme in trying to contact her, and I want to talk about it on tonight's show, so in the podcast- she explains what happens late at night at her parents' home.
Sam also revealed her current relationship status and how the Real World fame has changed her life in Hampton Roads.

I'm sure I'll have her on again sometime! It was great to have her in studio for a change! [It made for a lot more ADD conversation, though. We were all over the place!]

Make sure you watch tonight's episode! It's going to be a tough one for Sam, and probably a lot of her fans.


PS: Subscribe to "The Real World: Beyond the Cameras" podcasts here!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

morning hangover 102511

Good morning! Exciting day! SAM from Real World San Diego will be IN THE STUDIO with me this afternoon! If you have any questions for her, email or tweet them to me!

Now, let's get this Internet party started!
Tis all for now, but have lots to share today! Holla!


Monday, October 24, 2011

nifty: rooftop attractions i want to visit

I think I've discovered a new obsession when it comes to places. I've always loved beautiful, water-y places, but now I have added amazing rooftops to my list. They're kinda adventurous and beautiful at the same time!

The Real World San Diego house obviously has an incredible rooftop area that I would have spent 90% of my time on, but there are many more amazing places around the world. Examples:

A POOL in Denmark! An infinity pool, 3 times the size of an Olympic pool, 650 ft. above the ground. Insane.

Trailer Park in South Africa. It's basically the penthouse suites of the Grand Daddy Hotel, but rooms are only $90 a night! Um, count me in!

Tennis Court in Dubai. Look. at. that. view.

Movie Theater in Australia. I'd have a hard time watching a movie when that view is surrounding me, but who cares. I'd watch a few movies.

The SkyBar in Thailand. There are tons of rooftop bars, but this one looks beautiful. It's on the 63rd floor and I want to play.

Ferris wheel in Japan. Not okay for people afraid of heights, but I think it's a fabulous idea! Plus- ferris wheel romance that high?! Heck yes!

BEACH in Switzerland! It's like my favorite things combined! It's on top of a parking garage, but has a pool, sand, lounge, the whole 9 yards!

All of these places have officially been added to the bucket list. In love.
Check out more here!


monday morning hangover 102411

Holy bologna Halloween is a week [technically less] away and I've got nothing. Oh well. Time to procrastinate with the Internet.
I had a busy weekend and a very busy week ahead of me! [Spoiler alert: my first Real World San Diego interview!] It's time to get crackin' on it!